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    Juggernaut Volleyball

    ...Building a Family of Champions

    Established in 2005, we have a reputation and culture throughout the region that has continued to grow and improve.  As the largest club in the Rockies, we also have the preeminent volleyball-only facility - the rMac.

    • We challenge ourselves to continue to raise the bar in our levels of training, our treatment of you as parents and players, and our improvement in our facilities.
    • We appreciate that you entrust the care of your children with us.
    • We promise to do everything we can to make sure that their experience is rewarding and beneficial to their long term growth.
    • We are dedicated to making sure that EVERY boy or girl who becomes a part of our program receives professional training.
    • We are committed that he/she WILL become a better player and person after hanging around our facility.
    • We offer specific programs for:

    - YOUTH (grades 4-8),

    - CLUB (grades 5-12), and

    - ADULTS

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