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Amy Immel - Juggernaut Head Trainer

  • B.S. / RN from Mesa State University
  • Masters from University of Phoenix
  • Owner, Fitness Fusion, located at the rMac
  • 24 years as a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Consultant
    • Certified Fitwall
    • Certified Kickbox
    • Certified Barbells
    • Certified Pilates
    • Certified Yoga


We always offer year round training for our athletes. But, our facility and its training program is available for EVERYONE, from any high school athlete male or female, to mom and dad. Our Head Trainer, Amy Immel, can get you on your way to being healthier, stronger, and more fit.

If you are interested in a training or nutritional consulting program, take a look at what is being offered.

Offered Programs:

Pre-Season Training.  Included in Dues for Travel Program participants. Available at a cost for non-travel participants.  Tue, Thu from 445-715pm, Sat from 9-11am.

1 on 1 Personal Training
These sessions will be 45-55 minutes.

Small Group Sessions (2-5 clients)
The small group sessions will be similar to the 1 on 1 sessions, but will carry a more social atmosphere. Group session are great for friends who are competitive or want to hold each other accountable.

Boot Camp Sessions (5 or more clients)
Boot camp sessions will be a fun and challenging way to get into great shape and carry a fun social atmosphere.

Nutritional Consulting
Nutritional consulting begins with a genetic test to determine the best type of diet for you to lose body fat. From that point, meal and supplement plan options will be available to you. This will also include monthly consultations to re-asses body fat percentage and to identify changes that need to be made in the diet.

There are several scheduling options available.

For more information please contact:

Amy Immel

Amy Immel

Fitness / Physical Trainer

Phone: (303) 421-1500 x706