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King Soopers


Juggernaut is a member of the King Soopers Community Rewards Program (formerly King Soopers Cards).

We are proud to continue to partner with King Soopers in their support of youth sports organizations here in Colorado! Kings Soopers Rewards is an easy fundraiser that allows you to raise money for your player(s) and our Roger’s Kids Foundation just by buying groceries.

The new King Soopers Rewards Program will now link your King Soopers loyalty number (or phone number) to a specific organization, such as Juggernaut. You can link your loyalty number through the King Soopers website or through the KingSoopers App. You will need to set up an account if you don’t already have one. Anyone who has a loyalty number (grandparents, neighbors, friends, co-workers) is welcome to link to Juggernaut as well, on your behalf.

Juggernaut will receive funds directly from King Soopers on a quarterly basis. We will save 10% of the rewards you earn and put it into the Roger’s Kids Foundation. Rewards balances will be updated online or via the App every 4 months.

Please see dates below:

KS Earning Period  Statement Received   Applied to Account
October 1-December 31     January 31 March Invoice
January 1-March 31 April 30 June Invoice
April 1-June 30 July 31 September Invoice
July 1-September 30 October 31

December Invoice


You will have 2 weeks from Statement date to submit your reward earnings. This will allow us to reconcile all of the rewards and get them applied to your invoice before being sent out. The deadlines to submit your statement are as follows:

Feb 14, 2020, May 15, 2020, Aug 15, 2020, and Nov 13, 2020.

Below you will find instructions on how to enroll, how to register, and how to redeem those funds.

Please register your cards today to start earning your rewards! Have your friends and relatives register their cards with Juggernaut as well!

Please contact with any questions.

To Register follow the 3 Steps Below:



Step 3 - Redeem