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Juggernaut 2020-21 Program Summaries

Juggernaut is offering numerous distinct club volleyball programs for the 2020-21 season. These divisions allow for different entry points into the Juggernaut system based upon desire, commitment, attitude, and ability. Jess Sponenberg runs the National program, and Tarah Olmstead runs the Regional program.

With each program having its own director, Juggernaut offers the best training environment. Your player gets their head coach, most teams get an additional assistant coach, AND their director running and overseeing the courts at every practice.  

National Program

Jess Sponenberg

Led by National Club Program Director Jess Sponenberg and designed for ages 14-18, our National Program is for players who want the highest level of training provided by the Juggernaut staff, can practice two weekday evenings (Tue & Thu), plus every Friday, have an optional skills training session on Saturdays, compete nationally in three to five events (including CO Crossroads), as well as the local events (Sundays Oct-May). Included in this program are Physical Training (PT) and an opportunity for college recruiting workshops.

Regional Program

Tarah Olmstead

Led by Regional Club Program Director, Tarah Olmstead this program is designed for ages 11-18. Our Regional Program is for players who want the high level of training provided by the Juggernaut staff, can practice two weekday evenings (either Mon & Wed or Tue & Thurs), plus two Saturdays a month, want to compete nationally at one to two events (including CO Crossroads), regionally at one to three multi-day events, as well as the local events (Sundays Oct-May).

Juggernaut provides Two different programs and various payment plans for its members.

To help decide which path to take, please read the following:

Your first decision should be "Travel" or "Partial-Travel"

Travel Teams

partial-Travel Teams

Travel teams are generally for those players chasing starting spots on their HS or Gold Crown team with the eventual goal of acquiring a college scholarship.

Travel teams practice one more day per week than non-travel teams and participate (travel) in 3-5 out-of-state competitions.

Our travel/practice commitment goes highest to lowest from Nat'l teams to Regional teams.

Partial-Travel teams leave CO once or twice under parent supervision to truly get the feel of national competition but with a stepping stone approach to ensure a smooth transition if you are new to club, or desire a higher level at some pint. 

They practice two days per week.

Most players in the Regional program strive to play this level to help them make their high school or Gold Crown team and are typically not looking to play beyond the "club" level in college.