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Juggernaut Volleyball is proud to have partnered with In-House Fitness and Athletics to be the exclusive provider of all strength, performance, and fitness programs within the rMac facility. This yearlong offering is being made available to all athletes, including Juggernaut members and adults looking to train like an athlete, improving on functionality and composition.

Matthew Mosebar, the Director of Operations for In-House Fitness and Athletics, is excited to contribute to Juggernaut’s continued success by providing the highest quality of sports performance and fitness training found on the Colorado Front Range. You can read up on Matt’s bio by clicking here



Certified Coaches Providing Individualized Attention

The In-House Coaches are extremely knowledgeable, certified, and experienced in the study of exercise science. These coaches take a personal approach to every client’s well-being. With the Private Training offering, they are able to create an individualized program specific to the client by taking into consideration the client's age, sport, position, chronic issues, bio-mechanical imbalances, faulty movement patterns, and personal fitness and/or athletic goals. Private Training will be the most efficient way to realize your fitness and athletic dreams as quickly, but as safely as possible. With the In-House Fitness and Athletics continuing education programs, advanced program design, and extraordinary customer service, you will achieve the results you've always wanted.


Foster Competition with Small Group Training

In-House Athletics limits the Small Group Training to 3 athletes in participation during the sports performance session. This enables more individualized attention by the Performance Coach, while keeping the offering affordable and attainable for all athletes looking to improve their overall performance. The training groups are differentiated by sport, position, age, and ability level to allow for efficient and accurate programming for all athletes in attendance while fostering a competitive environment that pushes the athletes beyond their predetermined limits. This training standard offers the best possible results for the athlete at the most affordable price point offered by In-House Fitness and Athletics.

For more information please contact:

Matt Mosebar

Strength and Performance Director

Phone: Office: (303) 421-1500 x706 Cell: (304) 825-5348