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"Club" Volleyball participates in a nationwide program that offers athletes the opportunity to compete beyond the traditional school season.  For thousands across the US, the end of the volleyball middle and high school seasons signifies the beginning of club, and the start of some the best volleyball memories for these athletes every year.  USAV (USA Volleyball), the JVA (Junior Volleyball Association), and AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) are the primary sponsors of volleyball tournaments throughout the country. Juggernaut participates with all three entities.

Club Volleyball programs have exploded all across the USA. There are over 100 clubs in the Rocky Mountain Region (RMR) alone!  In addition, it is readily acknowledged that if you want to be competitive on your high school team, or if you want to play in college, club is a MUST!  This is where you will gain the most extensive training and play the highest level of competition. Most school seasons are only 3 months long while club can last from 9-12 months. Club volleyball traditionally runs from Nov/Dec to May/June.


Most girls who play club volleyball have several goals in mind. Some play to:

  • Try the sport out for the first time--recommended for ages as early as 10 and under.
  • Develop advanced skills in specific areas.
  • Increase playing time or their impact on their school teams.
  • Challenge school starters the following year.
  • Compete for Regional and National Club Championships.
  • Reach their highest potential and to gain exposure and chances of earning college scholarships.
  • Have Fun!

We have programs designed to meet each of these goals.


10. Integrity & Character

9. Commitment & Loyalty to our Players & Families

8. Financial Stability & Accountability

7. College Recruiting Program

6. Passionate Coaches

5. Great Support Staff

4. Organization & Communication

3. A GREAT Practice Facility to call home

2. The Training

1. For the FUN!