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Community Fundraiser Night


Serve-A-Thon - February 24th

Need help with your club fees? Juggernaut periodically hosts SERV-A-THON fundraisers for any athletes interested!

Here's how it works:​ 

  • Attend the pre-arranged club Serv-A-Thon or reach out to your program director to set up a date for your Serv-A-Thon.
  • Prior to the date of the Serv-A-Thon, athletes are going to fill the sponsor sheet with as many sponsors as possible! Sponsors will agree in advance to pay athletes a certain amount for each serve you make​, or they can give a lump sum. 
  • Each athlete will come into Juggernaut and serve 100 volleyballs. The goal is to get as many as you can over and in the court. 
  • Then after you serve, you'll go back to your sponsors and collect the agreed amount. ​This is perfect for those family members that live out of state and want to support you!
  • 5% of your money earned will go right into our Roger's Kids Scholarship Foundation, 5% will go to Juggernaut to help buy new balls, nets, refurbish training equipment and other gym needs, and you get 90% applied to your ​fees. 
  • Click the "Serv-A-Thon Sponsor Sheet" button below for your sponsor sheet. We suggest athletes begin getting sponsors NOW and continue doing so all the way up to the day you turn in your money.


Below are some examples of how easy it is to earn $500.00 from serving!

*Note, there is no minimum, you can make any goal you desire, but we believe creating a goal will help guide you in a positive direction when getting your sponsors. We've seen athletes average making $350.00, we've also seen multiple athletes make over $1,000! First, size up how many serves you think you can get over and in.

Serve Chart.png


After serving, athletes will fill out "Thank you" cards and provide Juggernaut's tax ID number for those who donate.  All money will need to be turned in by a set date (communicated with your director) to be applied to your account before the next month's invoices go out. 

(Please have any checks made out to Juggernaut Volleyball OR Venmo to JuggernautVB with "Athlete Name-Serving")

RMR Shinkara Hardship Fund

The Shinkara Fund was established to assist junior athletes who might need a little help with the expenses related to Club Volleyball. Open the file (at right) for more information regarding the application process.  

The RMR thanks "legendary local volley-philanthropist" Tom Shinkara for all of his support over the years. So many adults and juniors have come to love the sport, and have enjoyed expanded opportunities to play, thanks to Tom and his good works! 

The Shinkara Hardship Fund Application can be found HERE.


  • King Soopers (On-going)
  • Aramark/Denver Broncos Games (On-going)
  • Serv-A-Thon
  • Community Restaurant Night

Various Fundraising Opportunities

For more information on upcoming fundraising opportunities please email